My lego train crashes on TV: SBS6 report

Unfortunately this video is not watchable in some parts of the world.

 Bananenbuurman in the news on RTVNH

I make videos with Lego trains. I let the Lego train run on all kinds of crazy places.
That can be, for example, in a factory, on the beach or in a forest.

This is a very sensational environment because of all the thing you can drive through.
You can experience how it's like to be a little lego man and see what all those big objects around you look like.

I think it stimulates our fantasy. Most of us played with Lego when we were younger and it remains something magical.

It's very nice that I can put in all my passion and creativity.

My videos are being watched In 172 countries around the world.

 Bananenbuurman in the newspaper

English translation:

 Bananenbuurman on Qmusic

Bananenbuurman on Qmusic (MP3 format)

Audio clip is in Dutch(The Netherlands) so here is an English translation:

15 past ten and this is Kensington! I just get this message from Johannes de Boer, he says: "Lego World is unfortunately over. It were 7 very cool days!" And speaking about Lego. Merijn van den Berg really likes Lego trains. He even dedicated a complete Youtube channel to this!

K: Good evening Merijn!
M: Hey there Kai good evening!
K: Hey good evening! Is this an hobby that got out of control or...?
M: Well, actually it was already out of control quite some years ago when I started with those trains.
K: Yes...
M: I came to live on my own and as a child I already loved Lego trains but of course, I had just a small track. And by the time I came to live on my own, I finally had the space to build a larger trainlayout, but still.. I just had a small appartment, so as a solution I hanged the complete trainlayout on the ceiling!
K: Yes! That's what I saw! Those traintracks are running everywhere in your house! Doesn't that make you crazy at some moments?
M: Well, in the meantime those traintracks are removed, because I started creating those layouts outdoor
K: Ah that's nice!
M: Yes, I bought 100 meters of tracks, and now I just lay a track outdoor on all sorts of locations.
K; Ow yes, outdoor, but what if there are leafs on the track? Because that is always misery!
M: Yes, no, this train doesn't bother. It's right on time and there are no leafs on the tracks!
K: Ok good! very good! But sometimes you have to overcome things don't you? I saw your Youtube channel, you build complete worlds actually, for your trains, it's all really big! But sometimes it can also go wrong because I also saw this; listen with me:

M: We are going to hoist the Lego train with this crane!
[ audible crane sound ]
[ audible loud crash sound ]
M: That is also what can happen...

K: Haha Yes that is also what could happen... You see a train getting pulled up with the crane, and then it just crashes in pieces!
M: Yes! Such a luck! Exactly when those guys from SBS6 "Hart van Nederland" (Heart of Netherlands) came by,  my train falls 3 meters down and shatters into pieces!
K: Hahaha Yes Are you then long busy with repairing that? Because it broke down in thousands of pieces?
M: Yes that takes some 10 or 15 minutes, especially in this case, because the pieces flown everywhere!
K: But how long are you busy with such a world? And tell me how such a world looks like.
M: Well of course I have all sorts of videos but what I try to do is work with the material onsite. so if there's a pallet with bricks, I create tunels with that, if there's a tube laying around, I'll drive the train through that.
K: Ok, very creative, and how long are you busy with such a layout? on average because it varies per layout I can imagine.
M: Yes it's different for each layout but for example, the soundclip you just played, There I was busy 5 days...
K: Wow!
M: of which 3 days of building and 2 days of recording, and after that I also spent a couple days on editing to make it all look nice.
K: Yes absolutely! Very good! But Merijn? do you also do something else in your daily life? or is this... are you dedicated?
M: Well, for years I worked in the TV industry...
K: Ow that's nice!
M: Yes that was very nice indeed! On a particular moment I had to make a choice if I would continue working for television or do something in which I could put all my passion and creativity. And of course I had that video of the Lego train on the ceiling, and that had become such a succes on Youtube, that I decided to do something more with the Lego trains.
K: Ok, and you can live from that? All with Youtube?
M: Yes, well, there are ads shown and once per thousand views or so I get a few cents, so yes, but it's not yet something I could complety live off. And that's why the channel needs to grow! That's why I want take this opportunity to ask everybody to subscribe to my channel for free, because the more subscribers I have, the more locations I can visit.
K: Ok, Where can we see that?
M: You can see that on
K: Bananenbuurman?
M: But you can also go to
K: Ok, and now you got to stop saying that name! Or I have to send you an invoice! Haha
M: Haha, of course you understand that I have to make a little promotion for the channel!
K: Haha, Yes you have done that already now!
M: Yes, haha
K: I'm closing the track! I'm going to put you on a side track! We're going the other way now!
K: Thank you for your time and have fun with the trains Merijn van den Berg! Good evening!
M: Thanks!