Interview on Lego Days event at MBS Boekelo

August 2018 I was in Boekelo to visit the MBS Lego days event in Boekelo. I was interviewed by RTV Oost as can be seen @ 4:40.

 Bananenbuurman in the newspaper

English translation:

 Bananenbuurman in the news on RTVNH

I make videos with Lego trains. I let the Lego train run on all kinds of crazy places.
That can be, for example, in a factory, on the beach or in a forest.

This is a very sensational environment because of all the thing you can drive through.
You can experience how it's like to be a little lego man and see what all those big objects around you look like.

I think it stimulates our fantasy. Most of us played with Lego when we were younger and it remains something magical.

It's very nice that I can put in all my passion and creativity.

My videos are being watched In 172 countries around the world.

 Bananenbuurman on Qmusic

Bananenbuurman on Qmusic (MP3 format)

Audio clip is in Dutch(The Netherlands) so here is an English translation:

15 past ten and this is Kensington! I just get this message from Johannes de Boer, he says: "Lego World is unfortunately over. It were 7 very cool days!" And speaking about Lego. Merijn van den Berg really likes Lego trains. He even dedicated a complete Youtube channel to this!

K: Good evening Merijn!
M: Hey there Kai good evening!
K: Hey good evening! Is this an hobby that got out of control or...?
M: Well, actually it was already out of control quite some years ago when I started with those trains.
K: Yes...
M: I came to live on my own and as a child I already loved Lego trains but of course, I had just a small track. And by the time I came to live on my own, I finally had the space to build a larger trainlayout, but still.. I just had a small appartment, so as a solution I hanged the complete trainlayout on the ceiling!
K: Yes! That's what I saw! Those traintracks are running everywhere in your house! Doesn't that make you crazy at some moments?
M: Well, in the meantime those traintracks are removed, because I started creating those layouts outdoor
K: Ah that's nice!
M: Yes, I bought 100 meters of tracks, and now I just lay a track outdoor on all sorts of locations.
K; Ow yes, outdoor, but what if there are leafs on the track? Because that is always misery!
M: Yes, no, this train doesn't bother. It's right on time and there are no leafs on the tracks!
K: Ok good! very good! But sometimes you have to overcome things don't you? I saw your Youtube channel, you build complete worlds actually, for your trains, it's all really big! But sometimes it can also go wrong because I also saw this; listen with me:

M: We are going to hoist the Lego train with this crane!
[ audible crane sound ]
[ audible loud crash sound ]
M: That is also what can happen...

K: Haha Yes that is also what could happen... You see a train getting pulled up with the crane, and then it just crashes in pieces!
M: Yes! Such a luck! Exactly when those guys from SBS6 "Hart van Nederland" (Heart of Netherlands) came by,  my train falls 3 meters down and shatters into pieces!
K: Hahaha Yes Are you then long busy with repairing that? Because it broke down in thousands of pieces?
M: Yes that takes some 10 or 15 minutes, especially in this case, because the pieces flown everywhere!
K: But how long are you busy with such a world? And tell me how such a world looks like.
M: Well of course I have all sorts of videos but what I try to do is work with the material onsite. so if there's a pallet with bricks, I create tunels with that, if there's a tube laying around, I'll drive the train through that.
K: Ok, very creative, and how long are you busy with such a layout? on average because it varies per layout I can imagine.
M: Yes it's different for each layout but for example, the soundclip you just played, There I was busy 5 days...
K: Wow!
M: of which 3 days of building and 2 days of recording, and after that I also spent a couple days on editing to make it all look nice.
K: Yes absolutely! Very good! But Merijn? do you also do something else in your daily life? or is this... are you dedicated?
M: Well, for years I worked in the TV industry...
K: Ow that's nice!
M: Yes that was very nice indeed! On a particular moment I had to make a choice if I would continue working for television or do something in which I could put all my passion and creativity. And of course I had that video of the Lego train on the ceiling, and that had become such a succes on Youtube, that I decided to do something more with the Lego trains.
K: Ok, and you can live from that? All with Youtube?
M: Yes, well, there are ads shown and once per thousand views or so I get a few cents, so yes, but it's not yet something I could complety live off. And that's why the channel needs to grow! That's why I want take this opportunity to ask everybody to subscribe to my channel for free, because the more subscribers I have, the more locations I can visit.
K: Ok, Where can we see that?
M: You can see that on
K: Bananenbuurman?
M: But you can also go to
K: Ok, and now you got to stop saying that name! Or I have to send you an invoice! Haha
M: Haha, of course you understand that I have to make a little promotion for the channel!
K: Haha, Yes you have done that already now!
M: Yes, haha
K: I'm closing the track! I'm going to put you on a side track! We're going the other way now!
K: Thank you for your time and have fun with the trains Merijn van den Berg! Good evening!
M: Thanks!

 A visit from Dumpert

In March 2017 I got a visit from Dutch website on the Brick Valley Location. They made a very cool report on how a layout is build. The video is in Dutch only and there are not yet subtitles available.

Full post:

 Bananenbuurman featured on Business Insider Facebook

Recently Business Insider published a video on some of BANANENBUURMANS' creations.

 Article on Origjinale on the building of a real Underwater train

This website used my LEGO Underwater train as an example for a real life project. The translation is not very good, but you get the idea. :)

Google translate: India is seeking to implement a project implemented by Japan would be. He is working for the train that will travel to the underwater world. Trains created by Japan have been a real success since it was first introduced in 1964. This project is costing the country a mountain of money, but thankfully Japan has taken over funding by about 81%. This train will have a maximum speed 350 km / h and will go from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. This means that will shorten the length of the road about two hours. Tickets think that will have a slightly higher price, but with the fabulous underwater view, will certainly be worth it. Passengers will have to wait for 2018 to see this project materialize.


 Short Article at

Bananenbuurman - Mar 2, 2016

Article featuring the Lego Underwater Train:


 Train Fanatics

Bananenbuurman - May 3, 2015


 Dude builds underwater path for Lego trains

Dude builds underwater path for Lego trains

Stuff / LEGO

The best thing about being an adult is that you have the time and money you can spend on their various pet project. This is precisely what youtubern Bananenbuurman has done with his train tracks. Above you can see his latest work which contains a right nice segment where the train runs under water.


 Lego City featured by Entertainment Daily

The giant Lego city was recently featured by Entertainment Daily on Facebook. Thank you all for your appreciating comments!

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