Pet's LEGO Train PlayMobil Toy Ride!

Length: 1:53
Date: 05-11-2020
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Today the LEGO train takes a ride in the magical land of toys by Pet van de Luijtgaarden. A 40 meters long track. Uniting two worlds of toys: LEGO meets Playmobil! :P Numerous twinkle lights and a huge amount of prop elements took us a full week to build on location. I am very happy with the result and we had a lot of fun! I hope you like it :)  A slow ride will be uploaded next!
As a collector of collections Pet van de Luijtgaarden buys complete collections of objects such as disposable lighters, frogs, G.I. Joe action dolls, LEGO and Playmobil. 
Now he’s building a museum of collections in a swarm of caravans. A perfect site for a LEGO Train!! Hop on board and join the spectacle now! 
With special thanks to: 
Pet van de Luijtgaarden
Fenna Pel
Without the amazing support from Fenna this video could not have been made! Thank you Fenna! 
Amazing thumbnail artwork by Jeffrey Wubbema
Wider R120 curves shown in this video are from Trixbrix.