World's tallest LEGO train spiral EVER is located in Romania!

Length: 4:01
Date: 30-12-2017
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A very dedicated subscriber and starting Youtuber (hntrains) had never undertaken any (big) LEGO projects until...
...he recently successfully completed the build of world's tallest LEGO train spiral!
This amazing spiral is located in the window of LEGO Toy store Cucubau in Baia Mare. I just had to see this with my own eyes and embarked on a six-day trip to Romania!
Spiral: hntrains
Ninjago City around spiral: Felix Mezei
Cucubau (coolest toystore in Romania!):
A special thank you goes to:
Rolli and all the employees of Cucubau!
provided by NCS
Song: Let's go!
Artist: Lensko
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