Best of Bananenbuurman 2018 - LEGO train Compilation

Length: 7:36
Date: 31-12-2018
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It was a tough year for a lot of Youtubers including me. Still I managed to create some awesome movies this year! I hope Youtube gets a grip on the problems in 2019 so we can all continue enjoying creating and watching videos for and by THE people.
0:00 100k subs special:
0:09 Dwingeloo Radio telescope:
0:25 Controversy Inn Tram/Train Hotel:
0:37 Lego show in Goes
0:58 Lego train in a toystore:
1:14 50,000 bolts:
1:39 Controversy Inn Tram/Train Hotel:
1:53 TRIXBRIX collab in Poland
2:21 Brickfest 2018
2:42 TRIXBRIX Poland trainstation layout
3:05 Dune coaster:
3:15 Railcenter:
3:56 Long LEGO train
4:03 Collab with HerdStudio
4:38 Bouwblokjes Hardenberg
4:51 Romania THE MOVIE
5:28 Train Museum Boekelo
5:47 Aspiring new Youtubers: Grate TV
5:58 LEGO TGV station by Gerard Salden
6:32 World record 4,3km lego track
6:52 Vince Amy and Olly
7:05 100k subs special: