Length: 1:44
Date: 21-06-2019
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Hey There! It’s the Bananenbuurman! And this season I’m going on SUMMER TOUR!
I have made a special kind of train! Look at that! A Caravan! I will use it when I go to LEGO exhibitions and as a mobile production trailer whenever I go to an awesome location to set up a LEGO train track there!
This season I will go to Switzerland and Germany, and later in the year hopefully to more countries.
My budget is tight but I would love to visit even more countries! So please consider supporting me on Patreon to make this adventure even more crazy and gain access to making-ofs, raw footage, backstage footage and more!
Bananenbuurman Summer tour is powered by Trixbrix Custom train tracks! Check out the amazing LEGO train compatible train tracks at!