Lego Friends Party Train - Stopmotion - Surprise Party Fail

Length: 4:33
Date: 00-00-0000
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Stephanie's Surprise Party - This took me 20 hours of animating to make! And I used 5 cameras and 5 computers for this. This was also my introduction to learning various stop motion animating techniques and camera moves. How could I've been working so long on just a few bricks... Why did I do this again? ;)
Lego Friends 41111 Party Train
The Lego Friends Party Train 41111 is ready to party! The cutest little hamsters with their party hats and are ready to board the bicycle party train. There are balloons loaded on too, and room for all sorts of other party goodies!
Ride along with the hamsters to a birthday party?
Look in the mailbox—Heidi and Harry the hamsters have been invited to a birthday party! Stephanie has attached wagons to her bike and loads them up with balloons, a birthday gift and party hats while the hamsters have fun on their playground. Now it’s time for the tiny hamsters to hop onto the Party Train and off to the party they go!