Collapsing World?s highest LEGO Train Spiral - Collab with hntrains

Length: 2:28
Date: 25-12-2019
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After 2 years of proudly standing in the window of Cucubau Toystore in Baia Mare in Romania where everyone could appreciate it's beauty, it is time for a new project and thus to bring down the amazing spiral built by hntrains. And that’ll be done in style by the ‘stig’ LEGO Window Organizer!
He also makes sure that the Ninjago City built by Felix Mezei will be gone for a new (smaller) DUPLO layout in the window! (Video soon!) Just one single brick was broken during the collapse and city demolition.
The parts of the spiral will become available for another video (soon on this channel). Then the parts will be used for a mysterious new project.
Ever since the build of the world’s highest LEGO train spiral by hntrains, I have kept fantasizing about how cool it would be if the spiral actually COLLAPSED. When I was there in 2017, I mentioned this, and somehow the idea survived and, now, was about to happen, so it was time for me to head to Romania again - for a week!
Once again, I had a wonderful time there with Horea (hntrains) and together we made some awesome videos!
Spiral in full glory:
Check out the hntrains channel at:
Ninjago City around spiral by Felix Mezei:
Cucubau (coolest toystore in Romania!):
A special thank you goes to:
Rolli and all the employees of Cucubau!