CRANE LIFTING the LEGO TRAIN in Grandpa's old factory

Newspapers, radio and TV crews came to film me working on this location! Playing with a large scale industrial crane! There's very much happening on this 200 meter long track!!

A special thanks goes out to the new owners of the factory!

 Bananenbuurman in the newspaper

English translation:

"The Magical World of LEGO Trains"

By: Hanin Ballan

Text under photo: "Merijn van den Berg is very successful with his videos of LEGO trains."

 Bananenbuurman in the news on RTVNH

I make videos with LEGO trains. I let the LEGO train run on all kinds of crazy places.
That can be, for example, in a factory, on the beach or in a forest.

This is a very sensational environment because of all the thing you can drive through.
You can experience how it's like to be a little LEGO man and see what all those big objects around you look like.

I think it stimulates our fantasy. Most of us played with LEGO when we were younger and it remains something magical.

It's very nice that I can put in all my passion and creativity.

My videos are being watched In 172 countries around the world.

 LEGO Train Factory Ride - UPSTAIRS 360

The LEGO train takes a ride upstairs in my Grandpa's old factory!

 LEGO Train Factory Ride - DOWNSTAIRS 360

 Bananenbuurman in the news!

Recently I got a lot of media attention while shooting my latest video.

Read the article, listen to the radio recording, and watch the videos here:

Bananenbuurman in the news!