AS SEEN ON INTERNET interview with Bas van Teylingen

Always cool when a big Youtuber, writer and entrepeneur like Bas van Teylingen admits he's a fan! :)


Bas van Teylingen, owner of Online Cookie Collective, program maker, director of the YouTube cinema film De Film by Dylan Haegens and YouTuber himself, recently also wrote the book 'Help! My child is on YouTube '.

What is the best thing about YouTube?
"I can talk about this for hours. But basically just the fact that you can find the most beautiful content and there is really something for everyone. From the Bananenbuurman who lets LEGO trains run through his garden and home and makes videos of this to Miniature Space, a channel where someone makes tiny dishes without saying a word. Sometimes I can watch YouTube well into the night and fall from one wonder to the other. "

 Train Fanatics

Bananenbuurman - May 3, 2015


 Bananenbuurman featured on Business Insider Facebook

Recently Business Insider published a video on some of BANANENBUURMANS' creations.

 Article on Origjinale on the building of a real Underwater train

This website used my LEGO Underwater train as an example for a real life project. The translation is not very good, but you get the idea. :)

Google translate: India is seeking to implement a project implemented by Japan would be. He is working for the train that will travel to the underwater world. Trains created by Japan have been a real success since it was first introduced in 1964. This project is costing the country a mountain of money, but thankfully Japan has taken over funding by about 81%. This train will have a maximum speed 350 km / h and will go from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. This means that will shorten the length of the road about two hours. Tickets think that will have a slightly higher price, but with the fabulous underwater view, will certainly be worth it. Passengers will have to wait for 2018 to see this project materialize.


 Library Almere

 Switzerland Railway on

There are various ways to create a LEGO layout. This is also possible in different places. While most LEGO fans choose an attic, basement or LEGO room, Varda Elentári Furrer has chosen the most impressive place. Her own garden. The train ride is very impressive.
LEGO Train Garden Railway Layout
Thanks to Merijn van den Berg (Banana neighbor) the ride can be watched on video. He has collaborated with drone pilot Bitmaster2000 to realize the shots from above. The layout is not only provided with a beautiful path and buildings, but is beautifully nicely concealed in the garden. This makes it look like it's a real trajectory. Okay, we have wasted enough words on it. A video says more than a thousand words in this case.

 Deadly Computer Blog


 Dude builds underwater path for LEGO trains

Dude builds underwater path for LEGO trains

Stuff / LEGO

The best thing about being an adult is that you have the time and money you can spend on their various pet project. This is precisely what youtubern Bananenbuurman has done with his train tracks. Above you can see his latest work which contains a right nice segment where the train runs under water.