Welcome to the wonderful world of Bananenbuurman! I create all kinds of unique outdoor LEGO train layouts. This website serves as an archive for all these timeless and beautiful creations!

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 The Amazing LEGO Train DreamRide!

Take the amazing journey now! It's an experience of a lifetime!

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How awesome! Bananenbuurman's own clothing line!


Bananenbuurman is also on Discord!

 Bananenbuurman TV

Bananenbuurman TV is a LEGO train Online TV Channel!

In between the videos a livecam is shown. When the broadcast is live, you can control the train and various other elements using chat commands.
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 LEGO train Looping

They said it could not be done... BANANENBUURMAN DID IT! Sending a FULL SIZE lego train into a 6.5ft. / 2 mtr. tall looping!

How it's made:
FAILS video:

 New website with layout examples

A brand new website by Bananenbuurman to help you find the best suitable LEGO train and Trixbrix layout for your available space.

 Youtube Stress? Bananenbuurman on TV

200,000 views on the broadcast on Dutch national TV: Merijn (Bananenbuurman) explains what Youtube stress exactly is and shows how he makes his videos!
(Dutch language video)

 Collaboration with TrixBrix!

Collaboration with TrixBrix!
Recently Bananenbuurman, in collaboration with Trixbrix, offers the entire range of Trixbrix via

With, Dutch and Belgian customers can order faster and cheaper!

 Make the Bananenbuurman story even more crazy!

Bananenbuurman is now on Patreon! Support me and gain access to all the insider's secrets that I'll be sharing on Patreon only!

 CRANE LIFTING the LEGO TRAIN in Grandpa's old factory

Newspapers, radio and TV crews came to film me working on this location! Playing with a large scale industrial crane! There's very much happening on this 200 meter long track!!

A special thanks goes out to the new owners of the factory!

 Bananenbuurman in the news!

Recently I got a lot of media attention while shooting my latest video.

Read the article, listen to the radio recording, and watch the videos here:

Bananenbuurman in the news!